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Peace, love and happiness only happens in Pepperland. Why can't any of that happen in the real world?
So apparently, people are liking my photos that I just posted not too long ago.

Wanna see them?
:iconlygiamidori: has put on her tag line, "Cartoon Rock Fan must die". Who's this "cartoon rock fan" she's talking about and why does she want him to die?
Have any of you die hard rock fans or Beatles fans guys with good taste in music seen those tweets or FB statues that say "Who is Paul McCartney? Kanye is going to make him famous!" or something similar to that? 
You seriously have no idea how much those tweets and statuses piss me off.
5 MORE DAYS!     

Nd5144r by QueenofRandomness108
Img 20150610 235013 by QueenofRandomness108
Img 20150421 080700 by QueenofRandomness108

BpYICCGIMAAFOSN by QueenofRandomness108

Does any Beatle fan here want to wish Paul a happy birthday?  He's turning 73!